About My Books

It has been a long time since I’ve updated this! Let’s do this!


EVERYTHING ELSE GOES AWAY – On Eastbrooke Island people don’t hide from the water behind walls like they do on the mainland. They face it head-on, no matter the consequences. If even one toe were to touch the salty waves, a piece of the person would be lost, churned in the rolling tides. When Emma Clare returns to Eastbrooke after a year on the mainland, Jacob Miller is so afraid of losing her again that he throws her in the ocean without her consent. But little does he know, he is as much a part of her as the things belonging to her and along with losing Emma he is throwing himself away as well. What will happen to the two people so in love with each other that they’d destroy everything to stay together?

In Progress:

UNTITLED: It’s Bohemian Paris, where people wear masks and costumes, make their living as street performers, and chase a drug called Happiness and the bluebird who sources it. Siamese twins, long since separated, can feel each other’s emotions from across the city. There are parties, fireworks, glitter lines the streets. It’s Gatsby and the Moulin Rouge in one. Based on an old Russian play THE BLUEBIRD OF HAPPINESS.




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