My Heart Will Go On

It is Sunday night and nobody is around so I have decided to share my most unpopular and controversial opinion. The highest hill upon which I will die. The fight I will take to the death.

Jack could NOT fit on the door with Rose.

So, okay, yes, TECHNICALLY Jack could have fit in the door. I have seen your diagrams and drawing and re-enactments, yes. But we all watched the movie. He tried to get on the door and it started to tip. Had he continued to try, the door would have tipped Rose into the water with Jack. Should they both have died when one could have lived??

Add to this the fact that it was late and cold and they were in shock. They had spent the night running for their lives only to be thrust into freezing waters. Their manual and intellectual capacities were most definitely not at full strength. The thought and effort it would have taken for an already nearly frozen Jack to keep the door upright while climbing on top and in the process not throwing Rose to the icy depths was by this point extinct. The only option was for Jack to sacrifice himself in the name of love. He died so Rose could live.

So sure, while technically Jack could have fit on the door, in the end, it was just too hard. As I am someone who easily gives up in the face of adversity, I cannot fault him for this. I cannot fault Rose for not thinking of how to make it work because her brain was frozen both from the cold and the fact that she was running away with a pauper. I will no longer stand idly by and allow you to sully Rose’s good name with your diagrams and logic.



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