Always This Ridiculous Obsession with Love

I am back! Back again! “Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years, I’m rocking my peers….”
Hi. Hello. Been a while. Here is a blog post about Moulin Rouge, one of my top five favorite movies.
Fun fact – I recently had a big breakthrough in therapy (you may congratulate me if you wish, I will accept), and I went back through old journals to find evidence of this thing I broke through on and I found an entry where I talked about my first time watching Moulin Rouge and I said, “I never had any desire to watch this movie, but I ended up loving it!” This was in college. I apparently watched it at my friend Ian’s house. I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF ANY OF THIS. This is why you keep journals kids. Anyway, I never did find the thing I was looking for in those journals, but the thing I was looking for would have been way before college journals and to be honest, college me was a DRAG and I got bored. 
ANYWAY. so this summer, August, two months-ish from now, Rachael and I will be traveling to Boston to see Moulin Rouge the STAGE MUSICAL. Moulin Rouge in REAL LIFE. With BEAUTIFUL people in the REAL, LIVE roles! I mean, they are all probably very beautiful, but I am only focused on the one very beautiful person who will bring the beautiful Christian to life, and I am speaking of Aaron Tveit, star of stage and screen, *my* Danny Zuko, and the future Mr. Orsini. None of this is the point of this blog post!
I have been carpooling to work with a co-worker and yesterday in the car Elton John’s “Your Song” came on and I very excitedly told her about this trip to Boston to see Moulin Rouge and she said, “I’VE NEVER SEEN THAT MOVIE.” (emphasis mine because I mean WHAT.) She said she gets very stressed out during movies and can’t watch most of them. She asked if someone died in the movie and I said yes. She said, “ a car wreck or something?” She knows NOTHING about this movie! “No!” I said, in a very condescending manner. “Like, from COUGHING. She has CONSUMPTION.” 
Fortunately, I found a new job and only have seven more days of carpooling with this MONSTER. 
My top five favorite movies are:
1. Amelie
2. Moulin Rouge
3. The Wizard of Oz
As it turns out, I only have three top favorite movies. That is something I learned just this minute while making this list. I mean, I know there are other *favorites* but they change constantly. These three are forever. And you know it’s serious because I have some pretty intense committment issues and can’t even commit to a favorite color. Is it blue? Sometimes! Green? Also sometimes! It all depends on the shade! But sometimes I’m more green than blue and vice versa and SOMETIMES, I don’t like either of them! I don’t know myself AT ALL, which is something I’ve been working on. It’s been quite the journey, to be honest. I am both not nearly as interesting as I thought I was but also way more interesting than I thought I was. I AM VERY COMPLICATED. 
I hope the future Mr. Orsini likes puzzles because lol I am one. 
I’m going through some stuff. 
Okay, and now I will go back to writing my Moulin Rouge-inspired novel about drugs and conjoined twins! Probably. Writing is VERY hard. Just fyi.

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