Mini Book Reviews

It’s migraine season, so after work I avoid screens as much as possible and therefore have been reading a lot. Reading! Who knew! I finished two books this week already! Here are some reviews of what I’ve read this year.

Strange Pilgrims – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
This is a short story collection and there are two stories in there that are mind-blowing amazing. I don’t remember the titles. If I’m reading the stories one after the other, like I don’t know, a book, I don’t read titles. It’s a problem that will come up in a later review as well. Anyway, so I don’t know the titles, but one of the amazing stories is about a woman who teaches her dog how to catch the bus, where to get off, and shows him her plot of land in the cemetery so that after she’s dead he can go and mourn her. I mean wtf that’s so good.

The other amazing story is about a woman whose car breaks down. A bus full of women passes and they’re like, “oh no! That’s terrible, we can definitely take you to a place where you can use a phone!” So they take her to this place, but they don’t let her use the phone and it turns out it’s a mental hospital of some kind and she just keeps saying, “I only came to use the phone” (also maybe the title? Who knows!) and they’re like, “sure, dear, sure.” Then her husband finds her and visits and she’s like, “I only came to use the phone,” and he’s all, “yes, yes, it makes sense that she’s here. Love you! Byeeeee!” Like shut up. Just shut up. That’s so good.

Chronicle of a Death Foretold – Marquez
I guess I got on a bit of a Marquez kick. So anyway, in this book there are these guys who are all, “We’re going to kill Santiago!” And they do. And the narrator is speaking from like years after the fact and he’s like, “maybe perhaps it’s possible this could have been avoided? Since they told literally everyone it was going to happen? Maybe?” And that’s the book and it’s great? Stop being amazing, Gabe, it’s annoying.

Caraval – Stephanie Garber
This is a pretty book. Like, the setting sounds really pretty and I want to go to Caraval even though it’s a tiny bit scary. Also I think the moral of this story is men are evil. Don’t trust any men. Down with men. Until you decide to forgive them, then it’s fine, but they’re still evil, so keep that in mind. TW for abuse like whoa. But it’s pretty?

We Are Okay – Nina LaCour
If there’s such a thing as a perfect book, this is pretty close to it, I think. I think the slow reveal of what went down was really great and nicely paced and not annoying to the point where I was like, “JUST TELL ME OMG.” I never felt that! So that was great! Also there were some beach scenes and I’m just automatically here for any and all beach scenes. The book kept flipping back and forth in time and it wasn’t until I was almost finished that I realized that the chapters gave you the date? Did they do that all the way through? I honestly have no idea. I don’t read chapter titles! It’s a problem. I’m aware of it. It made THE NIGHT CIRCUS way confusing. I’d be like, “Megan, don’t forget to read the chapter titles so we know where we are!” But I never did. I never did…. Anyway, WE ARE OKAY was fine and not confusing even when I skipped all that! So that was good!

Currently Reading: Cosmicomics – Italo Calvino
Italo Calvino is one of those authors who when I say he’s a favorite makes me feel really pretentious. But whatever. He’s a fave! It’s a story collection and these stories are about space but they are funny? I’ve only read one story so far. What was the title? Who knows. It was about the moon and it’s basically everything I’ve ever wanted to write every time I try to write about the moon and I loved it a lot and can’t wait to read the rest. Yay books, right!?

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