Some Things I’ve Loved

It is almost Christmas and almost a new year. I am sure, that like many of you, doing anything productive for the past month and a half has been difficult. It’s hard to rally when it feels like everything is falling apart.

I had been doing research for a new WIP and wondering why it didn’t come as easily as the last WIP and realized that the last WIP was about things I know in my bones. The ocean, which flows through my veins. It required no research, just digging into memories and feelings that already existed but had been buried in the sand. This one is about the stars and I know nothing about them other than that they exist. Which is sort of the basis of the story. But I need to know more. And I will. Maybe in January…

A couple weeks ago I just accepted that nothing else writing related would happen in December and I gave up and I felt great about it. So I’ve been taking time to binge watch television and not feel guilty about it. I waste so much time and I don’t feel guilty about it. And in January, when everything is new again, I’ll get up and do what needs to be done.
So, here are some things I’ve loved.
The OA. It’s a new show on Netflix and it’s AMAZING and I don’t want to tell you anything about it because it’s better that you go in knowing nothing. I knew the first 10 minutes and wished I hadn’t even known that. Go in blind. Thank me later.
The Secret Life of the American Teenager. If you want a show about teenagers that basically teaches you how not to talk like a teenager, this is that show. They are 16 and having babies and getting married and their parents are like, “Great! It’s great to be married if you’re having a baby!” It’s a crazy disaster of a show and I love it.
Mozart in the Jungle. I finally sucked it up and got an Amazon Prime subscription and I was finally able to watch this show. I’ve had a crush on Gael Garcia Bernal for YEARS and I love him so much on this show. He’s so arrogant and beautiful and I want to change my name to Hailey and have him say it all the time. I mean the show is good too.
Sing Street. Why didn’t more people talk about this movie?? It’s the great, feel-good music movie of the year. It’s That Thing You Do for this generation without the dickish lead singer. And the songs are legit good. Somebody buy me the soundtrack.
How Far You’ll Go. It’s no secret that I love songs about chasing your dreams and I also love Lin Manuel Miranda and Alessia Cara and those three things came together to make a song that I listen to at least three times a day. Sometimes ten times a day. Sometimes when I’m driving home from work I repeat it the entire way.
Songs from Waitress. Sometime last year I was in Target and they were playing the Sara Barreilles album inspired by the film Waitress. I heard part of She Used to Be Mine and I almost burst into tears right there in the DVD section. I still haven’t listened to the cast recording, but I have watched a video of Jessie Mueller singing that song and oh my God. If I am not listening to How Far You’ll Go I’m listening to She Used to be Mine and sometimes I even play the whole album. It’s so good it sort of makes me forget about Hamilton and if it had debuted a different year, it would definitely have won all of the Tonys.
Next week I’m house/cat sitting again and plan on reading all of the books. All of them. Literally. They are boarding the dog so it will just be me and the cat, which is how life should always be.
Happy holidays. Happy New Year. Here’s to 2017 not being as big a disaster as 2016. Here’s to scrolling social media and not crying over something else. Here’s to the news t being horribly depressing every single day. Today the electoral college votes and I’m uncharacteristically optimistic and am the only one, I know. But I hope it will change this outcome. That’s all that we have. Hope.

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