There’s Nothing Like Summer in the City

It is hot. Like, really hot. I love summer and the heat. I love being warm. I’m one of those crazy people who goes to the beach and gets goosebumps when the sun goes behind a cloud. I don’t like to be even a little bit cold. But today is hot and it is humid because it is summer on the east coast. My hair did not survive, but my new natural deodorant did. I’m currently sitting at my desk and smelling myself repeatedly to make sure, but so far so good.

If you are in the market for a natural deodorant that works well, I suggest Meow Meow Tweets natural deodorant. I prefer the lemon eucalyptus but both work equally well and are scented very subtly, unlike the Secret scented deodorant which smells so terrible when you actually sweat. I’m a gross person and I sweat because I like heat but I also like wearing as many clothes as possible, so deodorant is a necessity. This one is a little pricey, but cancer treatments are even pricier, so I figure it evens out.

(I do not believe anti-antiperspirant/deodorants cause cancer. Most of the time I believe that. My friend M, concerned about this, once wrote Secret a letter (a letter. I’m so old) asking if she should be concerned and they wrote back and assured her that it didn’t and why shouldn’t we believe a corporation that is in the business of selling product?)

Walking back to work I was hit with a memory of my friend Sarah and I going to the local water park. Sandcastle. We made it a tradition and because it was before we could drive we took two buses and walked almost a mile to get there and we usually got off the bus and went the wrong way, so that mile was actually more. All it cost was like $23 and tons of blistering sunburn because for some reason we always thought, “it’s not like we’re going to the pool or the beach, we don’t need sunscreen.” Did you know that water reflects the sun and makes it more dangerous? I don’t know if that’s true but it sounds like it could be. Now I sometimes put sunscreen on if I’m just driving in the middle of the day so that I don’t get burned through the window.

The same friend with the Secret problem used to do research in a melanoma lab. The point is, my friend M, has over the years convinced me that everything in the world is dangerous. Also that anything over SPF 50 is the same. Don’t be fooled.

I mostly wrote this blog to tell you about my new deodorant. Who knew I could go without the anti-antiperspirant? Other things I’m loving are this lotion from Khiels, which is making my calloused feet so smooth and pretty and Starbucks’ vanilla sweet cream cold brew. How did I ever live without vanilla sweet cream cold brew? Sometimes they run out of cold brew and I ask for it to be made with iced coffee and it’s usually fine but today the barista got SO CONFUSED. It’s exactly the same with different coffee. I don’t even know.

In eight days I’m going to the beach. I haven’t seen the ocean in so many years. I’m going to stare at it and take a video so I can stare at it at home and maybe I’ll collect some seashells to bring back with me and maybe some sand?? Who knows! I’m going to look at the ocean (while wearing natural deodorant and SPF 50.)

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