Oh, Hello.

We are in the thick of the holiday season, probably my least favorite season right after the season of winter. The worst is when winter weather combines with the holidays and we have a fluffy, white Christmas and then I just want to hole up until my favorite season, which is late spring. The best is when late spring weather combines with my favorite holiday, my birthday. It snowed the day I was born, a blustery day in mid-April. Snow in April is unnatural and because of the weird birthday phenomenon I now determine ALL snow to be unnatural. I guess I just don’t like when anything falls from the sky because I also hate rain, but listen, things falling from the sky usually indicates disaster. I have read Chicken Little and I saw the movie and I absolutely do not remember how it ends, but I’m pretty sure it’s not good. All children’s stories end in death and destruction, right?

Thanksgiving was okay. I went to my mom’s house and we ate Thanksgiving dinner around noon and we ate in front of the TV so speaking of children’s stories, I finally saw Despicable Me 2. Not a fan. I want to kick the minions in their yellow faces. I’m pretty sure this movie did not end in death and destruction, but I honestly don’t remember. I never remember endings. I could tell you the plot of a book just up until the end. You’d be all, “That sounds great, but I just don’t have time to read it! How does it end?” And I’d have to slink away ashamed or discreetly consult Wikipedia, a resource that is 100% accurate 100% of the time. I don’t know if my not remembering endings has some weird psychological link to my inability to predict the future, but I’m going to believe it does. Like, “I don’t know how my life ends, how can I possibly know how anything else ends? Even though I read/saw/heard it with my very own eyes/ears?”

My mom’s house also doesn’t have a shower. It’s just a tub with a hose attachment. This is even worse than snow on Christmas so when I visit my mother I don’t bathe very much, which is gross, but also I’m mostly sitting on the couch watching TV, so it’s not like I’m dirty. The house is 100-years-old and the ceiling over the tub is sloped so there’s no way to put a shower in there.  She’s too far from civilization to have food delivered. They sit down to bathe every day. This is how they live.

Over the past week or so I have been working on changing how *I* live. I have a shower AND I can have food delivered so I’m already super ahead in this race, but as a result of my new self-help diet, I am attempting to minimize and just get really on top of self-care because I felt like my world was closing in around me, which, as it turns out, sort of weighs you down. So I removed all of the furniture from the room to sort of deep clean and I purged and tossed a lot of THINGS before putting the furniture back and then did the same with another room. All of this was because I wanted to clean out my closets and get rid of stuff I haven’t looked at since I moved in almost nine years ago, but I never even got to my closets. Eight bags of trash, three bags of shredded paper, and a trunk full of items to be donated later, I feel lighter, freer, happier. I recommend purging stuff!

Update on the Hamilton front: still listening to it.


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