There’s a Million Things I Haven’t Done…

But just you wait, just you waaaiiiittttt! This wasn’t going to be a “currently” entirely about Hamilton, but listen, this is just what my life is about now.


HAMILTON. I love the lyrics, I love the music, I love Lin-Manuel Miranda. I think it’s one of the best musicals ever, and I’ve seen CATS.


HAMILTON by Ron Chernow, the book that inspired the musical, because I’m crazy. Here’s the thing. I become obsessed with things and then it goes away, so I won’t always be like this, I promise. But right now, I’m immersing myself in Revolutionary America, which isn’t actually that weird because when I was in elementary school I was VERY into Revolutionary America. The summer before I was in fourth grade my grandparents took me to Philadelphia for a day trip on a rainy day while we were at the beach. I became obsessed with Ben Franklin. I literally cannot tell you anything about him now (but don’t worry, I bought a new biography of Ben Franklin to read after I finish Hamilton and I also bought a book that focuses on the relationship between Burr and Hamilton and guys I have a problem), but I had like seven children’s books about Benny Frank.

This was also the trip when my grandmother thought I ran away with a group of Chinese students who were wearing similar-colored windbreakers as the one I was wearing, but I was just with my grandfather looking at old desks.

On another trip to Philadelphia I saw Weird Al and got him to pose for a photo then I ran away scared, but that’s just a side note. He had a camera around his neck and was on his way to the Liberty Bell. I said, “You look like Weird Al, can I take your picture?” It was not my finest moment.


YouTube videos of Hamilton-related things. Ham4Ham. The 60 Minutes interview. But also videos of Jonathan Groff and Jeremy Jordan and ALSO Brooklyn 99 and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and just got SUPER into iZombie, but not as much as I’m into Hamilton.

Listening To

….the Hamilton soundtrack…

Thinking About

There’s a line in “Wait for It” where Burr sings “When everyone who loved me has died” and I want to ask if that was a conscious decision. Burr was loved, but Burr did not love? Burr felt alone? Why not “when all of my loved ones have died” or “everyone I have loved has died”? Those would both fit musically. WHY oh WHY did he choose THAT line? I need to know.


April 16, 2016, when I sit in the theater and see Hamilton live. And also the weekend in New York with my girls, in general.


That it were April 15, 2016. JK. I’m willing to wait for it.

Making Me Happy



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