Pay Attention to Me

Time for another installment of “currently…” because I’m afraid you guys will forget me if I don’t write SOMETHING every couple weeks and I’m SUPER ANNOYED that nobody read my previous blog post, which was probably the best post I have ever written.


Please see “Making Me Happy” below.


I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BETTER by Monica Heisey. It’s hilarious and I’m still in the first section, which is all about food and loving food and how to eat food in bed, etc, and she reminds me of a friend I had, whom I no longer talk to, and it was like this really intense friend love and then she disappeared, so I love this book but also I’m a little sad.


I am super bad at TV. I start watching things and then I forget it’s on or it goes on hiatus and I forget when it comes back and then basically I’ve missed the entire season. I don’t have a DVR. Is that the new “I don’t watch TV?” BOTH OF THOSE THINGS ARE TRUE. Except I do watch TV, or try to watch TV, I just forget. That being said, I can’t wait for Brooklyn 99 to come back and Last Man on Earth (it got better!). One day a couple weeks ago I was like, “I’m sad and don’t know why” and my friend said “what are you doing?” and I said, “watching The Wonder Years” and she said, “Stop watching The Wonder Years!” and guys she was right. I love that show but every single episode makes me cry.

Listening To

Can’t stop listening to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Emotion” and I’M NOT EVEN SORRY. Also, this may come as a shock, but I am absolutely, completely in love with Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean and the new One Direction’s Drag Me Down. (I’m just kidding. These things surprise nobody.)

Thinking About

How normally my office is very quiet but there are a ton of people here today from our DC office because the Pope is in town and shutting EVERYTHING down. That guy just rolls in and does what he wants and I ADMIRE that. That is my dream. Maria, make it happen.


My glorious future.


Wishing it were warm because I am now, apparently, a person who, when it gets below 80*, just CANNOT deal. I used to LOVE snow and winter and now it’s like 75* and I’m all “everything is terrible and my life is the worst.”

Making Me Happy

This is like the “loving” section, which, to be totally honest, I skipped because I could think of nothing. I’m happy! I like things! But also maybe I don’t? I mean, things are pretty great. I changed the sheets on my bed last night so I went to bed very happy but then I had to wake up and waking up and having to DO things is THE WORST but like overall, things are okay, you know? I stopped watching The Wonder Years. I started reading a bunch of self-help books and am just trying to work on myself and am getting in touch with the ME inside, so next time I do this I’m sure there will be something that makes me happy. Also, I have to talk to my boss about how to use up the rest of my vacation time for the year, so actually that is making me happy, so let’s forget everything else I said and go with that.


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