Things I’ve Heard That I Love


      Podcasts. I’m, like, so incredibly horrifically late to this game due to not knowing when to listen to them. Like, do you sit and do nothing and just listen to people talk at you, like in the old days when kids sat around their radios? (A thing I know from television, not because I am so very old.) Who has time for that? (Actually, I have A LOT of time for that if we’re being totally honest.)
     But I finally figured it out and so I downloaded a bunch. The New Yorker Fiction podcast! TED Talks! This American Life! Comedy Bang! Bang!
     I thought it would be a great opportunity to listen to smart people make me smarter but as it turns out I just like to laugh. So the only one left is Comedy Bang! Bang!, which I listen to on my way to work and my way home from work and sometimes while I’m walking to the mall on my lunch break and then when I had to drive 6 hours to the farm this weekend I listened to it the whole time, both ways, and I’m SORT of obsessed in a way that almost verges on embarrassing.
     Here’s the thing. I love funny people more than I love anybody else. If you’re not funny I have absolutely zero time for you. (Just kidding! That’s a joke! See, this is why I love funny people, because my own jokes are terrible.) So listening to people continually make me laugh is my favorite. Who needs to be intelligent when you can just laugh about everything? The world needs more laughter. I think people lately just LIKE being angry. They want to yell about something and rail about things they can’t control. And, obviously, there are some things that NEED to be yelled about, that need to railed against. But when you scroll through Twitter or blogs and all you see all the time are people being angry, who seem to just be looking for a reason to be mad, it’s tiresome. So I stick with funny. Because you need a break from everything terrible going on in the world. And maybe it seems like I’m turning a blind eye, but there are things I care about, things that make me mad and break my heart, but shouting into a void doesn’t do me any good. Maybe it works for you, so go be angry, take down the patriarchy, etc, etc. But just let me enjoy things, you know?
     The point is, I love funny people and funny things and so I’m super into funny podcasts and if you are too then you should listen to Comedy Bang! Bang! (and also watch the show on IFC unless, like me, you cannot, then catch up when they finally release it on Netflix) because it’s one of the few shows these days that actually makes me laugh out loud. (The other being “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, obvs. And also Mad Men. Ha! No. Just kidding. That show makes me want to drink myself to death. Look at me make jokes! Then go find something ACTUALLY funny.)
     Anyone know other funny podcasts? Is the answer just “basically anything from Earwolf?”

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