Still Can’t Insert Videos

Today they released the English-language trailer for THE LITTLE PRINCE movie and my heart is already breaking and I can’t handle it and I tear up at this part in the trailer where they look through a telescope and stars explode and guys I might literally fall apart seeing this movie.

You might remember that this is one of my favorite books of all time. Top three for absolute certain so there was a definite fear they’d totally eff this up for me (yes, me, because I am everyone in this scenario, they made this movie specifically for me), but because it isn’t a direct adaptation of the book I think it has amazing potential. I think it’s going to be beautiful and brilliant and perfect and even if it’s terrible I might still go to the grave declaring it the greatest movie of all time because it HAS to be. It NEEDS to be. This book deserves it.

I’ve always wanted a little prince tattooed on my arm and the sheer excitement right now has made me think that might be my next one. This book is everything. This trailer is everything. I think this movie could be everything and if it is not I will pretend because I hate being wrong. Either way this story is still so lovely and precious to me.

While I go read my pop-up version of the book, you can find the trailer here (because I still can’t embed videos and I’m so excited about this I’m typing it on my phone and can’t make the link look pretty):


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