Still Can’t Insert Videos

Today they released the English-language trailer for THE LITTLE PRINCE movie and my heart is already breaking and I can’t handle it and I tear up at this part in the trailer where they look through a telescope and stars explode and guys I might literally fall apart seeing this movie.

You might remember that this is one of my favorite books of all time. Top three for absolute certain so there was a definite fear they’d totally eff this up for me (yes, me, because I am everyone in this scenario, they made this movie specifically for me), but because it isn’t a direct adaptation of the book I think it has amazing potential. I think it’s going to be beautiful and brilliant and perfect and even if it’s terrible I might still go to the grave declaring it the greatest movie of all time because it HAS to be. It NEEDS to be. This book deserves it.

I’ve always wanted a little prince tattooed on my arm and the sheer excitement right now has made me think that might be my next one. This book is everything. This trailer is everything. I think this movie could be everything and if it is not I will pretend because I hate being wrong. Either way this story is still so lovely and precious to me.

While I go read my pop-up version of the book, you can find the trailer here (because I still can’t embed videos and I’m so excited about this I’m typing it on my phone and can’t make the link look pretty):


Top Something Tuesday

Since I already did this week’s topic two weeks ago, I went into the archives and found one I loved and which would be easy to work with (because I’m lazy, in case that hasn’t been clear).

[Random update on the mouse: I have two traps in my office, one in my bathroom, one in the hallway, and one in my bedroom and that little bastard has touched zero of them. It’s possible he died on his own. Or he left. Actually super concerned that I’m going to find a deteriorated corpse should I ever move.]

Okay! Back on point(e)! (Like a ballerina, I am on my toes! JK. I tried to teach myself ballet from a book once. Didn’t get very far.)

Top Ten All-Time Favorite Books!

This is my favorite TOPIC of all time! I love talking about my favorite books! (After the top 3 they aren’t really in any “order”)

1. Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace
Yeah, it’s totes pretentious and it’s not perfect and I might have to read it a third time (hashtag humble brag) because I’m pretty sure there are a couple storylines that go nowhere, BUT. But. It’s such an amazing glimpse into the life of mental illness and addiction without ever apologizing or berating either. It’s smart and challenging and funny. And when you finish, you REALLY feel like you’ve accomplished something. The first page also inspired my tattoo. And should I get around to getting a second tattoo, it will also be a line from this book. I really like it, guys.

2. The Little Prince – Antione de Saint-Exupery (pretend I included the accent mark)
This is timely because according to various bookish resources, yesterday was the 72nd anniversary of this book’s publication! I never actually read it as a child (because I read no children’s books, as we discussed) but I DID watch the cartoon on Nickelodeon. I didn’t read the book until I read it in French class in high school and even struggling my way through a foreign version I absolutely fell head over heels in love with this little prince and his asteroid and his rose.

3. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
I picked this book up off of a “buy 2 get 1 free” table at Borders because I liked the title. As with 98% of the books I read, I knew absolutely nothing about it when I started. I prefer to avoid even reading back cover copy. I like surprises. (In books. Surprise me in real life and I will punch you in the face.) The language in this book blew me away and the use of an involved-outside narrator rocked my freaking world so much that I wrote my MFA thesis on it (side note – there are not a lot of books with this narrator. Please write more. Thank you.). It’s emotional and beautiful and when I was re-reading it for my thesis I was sitting in the humor section of Border (RIP Borders xo) weeping uncontrollably. It was my second time through! I thought I’d be fine! I wasn’t. “Oh, Christ. Rudy.” It KILLS ME.

4. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay – Michael Chabon
This book is epic and fantastic and you don’t even have to like super heroes or comics to like it. (It’s not that I DON’T like them, I just don’t know much.) I love the magician hero and the way these characters are constantly hiding and disappearing and reappearing and figuring themselves out and growing up.

5. Everything is Illuminated – Jonathan Safran Foer
I bought this because there was a weird picture of Elijah Wood on the cover. Then I read it and decided I wanted to take writing seriously. I’m not saying it was a life-changing book but…it was a life-changing book.

6. The History of Love – Nicole Krauss
She is married to Jonathan Safran Foer. This book is slightly similar in concept. I might love it more? I only put EiI first because I read it first. But this one is…it’s magical.

7. How to Build a Girl – Caitlin Moran
I only read this book late last year but I love it SO MUCH. It’s funny and poignant and it’s about rock-and-roll and love and growing up and basically has every single thing I could look for in a book.

8. Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov
I know. I don’t even care. This book has the greatest opening page in all of literature. Nabokov is a master of prose and you can shut your mouth about the subject matter.

9. Station Eleven – Emily St. John Mandel
Another one I only read late last year but that I think about, like, all the time. It was top three of last year and is quiet and beautiful and amazing. I liked it a whole lot. You would too. You should read it. And all of these books! Book club!

There are other books I love lot but these are the ones I’ve either re-read or know off the top of my head that I would re-read again. Also I’m terrible at remembering titles so I actually need to be in front of my bookcase for literally all book-related posts. I’m the worst. I actually forgot the name of one of the characters in my own book. The one my agent already has and has been revised a million times. That book. I forgot a character’s name.

The Terrible Mouse Invader


There is a mouse in my house. I am not okay. He arrived unwelcome and uninvited. He came in through the basement, presumably, bypassed the first floor, and made his way into my office on the second floor. Two flights of steps, completely ignoring the kitchen, where all the food is, and into my space. I feel dirty. I feel violated. This mouse has not earned the trust necessary to invade my privacy. There are a lot of locked doors between the basement and me and yet he took no notice. Or maybe he noticed and didn’t care. I hate this mouse. This mouse should burn in hell. I am not a violent person under normal circumstances, but do not test me. Do not get close to me without permission or I will set a peanut butter trap and crush you.

I think this goes deeper than the mouse.

Perhaps, based on my reaction, you assume that this is my first experience with invaders. Oh, dear reader, it is not. When I first moved here in 2007, I was sitting in the living room watching Harry Potter, as one does, when a bat flew out of the blinds at the patio door. The door was not open. Who knows how long he had been hiding there. Then there was another bat a couple years later and there have been other mice, but those mice stayed downstairs. They did not make their way to me so those mice were of no consequence. This is the mouse that matters.

But that’s not all. Last time I visited my mother I saw a mouse in her house. I watched my cat Elphaba (yes, like THAT Elphaba), play with it until it died. Alas, I am not quite so brave. I bought an inhumane trap and have left the room.

Then there was the time I was working at summer camp and a chipmunk came running through the cabin. That was to be expected seeing as we were living in the woods and yet, somehow, my cabin was the only one to ever be invaded by forest creatures.

And of course there are the birds who live in the space beneath the attic and above my bedroom window. I heard them this morning, back for spring.

And finally, let us not forget The Great ‘Possum Incident of 2002, wherein I awoke at 4am to a loud crash to find that a ‘possum had fallen through the drop tile ceiling of my basement apartment.

I am a modern-day Cinderella, but unlike Cinderella I have not found tiny t-shirts and hats for my mice. The birds only scrape at my window in the early hours of the morning instead of brushing my hair or sewing me couture dresses. I guess the biggest difference between Cinderella and I is that I do not want these creatures around. I want to be left alone. Also I am not a cartoon. I suppose I should have started there.

Tomorrow I will call our exterminater and have him set traps all over the house. Then I will have him come back periodically and check them because though I may be a cold-hearted murderer, I do not handle the bodies. This is why if I were to ever join the mafia, I would be the boss and let someone else do the dirty work. I am positive these things are the same.

Rules? Where We’re Going We Don’t NEED Rules!

If you follow me on Twitter (which I assume you do, because how else would you see this), you may have seen me mention something about making writing rules and also in the same tweet talk about marrying Martin Short who is 33 years older than I am.

I should explain.

I love him.


I mean, come on.

But uncommon and possibly inappropriate celebrity crushes aside, I love rules. Not all rules, like “Top Ten Tuesday,” which will most likely happen on Friday and will definitely be fewer items then ten, but like other rules. Rules like when my friends illegally set off fireworks around our small town and I sat in the car yelling, “come on, guys, we’re gonna get caught!” just before we were chased out of town by the cops and that one guy with a rifle. The only reason I accompanied my friends on these excursions was because I made sure that if we were pulled over I would not be taken in as an accomplice. Not my car; not my fireworks. Those rules are important and I cling to them.

My friend Kate recently linked to this article by Aimee Bender about creating rules for the writing/creative life and then living by them. She made a contract with a friend and they check in each day. Just a single word to say, “I did what I set out to do!” With a response that is basically, “Well done!” Super simple. So today I did this with my friend Lauren. I set goals in place for writing. Because I need accountability, otherwise I lose hours and days and months to Netflix (what up, Kimmy Schmidt) or YouTube videos (see above and to be fair I started out by searching for videos of Steve Martin, which I’m just not going to get into right now, okay). I need to break my life up into sections. I need unbreakable rules. Because in actuality I’m incredibly lazy and if you remember my Godspell post, I fully believe I deserve to be handed things without working for them.

(We break from this post for a brief reminder that my birthday is in 18 days.)

But this isn’t how the world works and I actually have to work at things and get better and also there’s something about working hard and feeling the pride that comes along with that (or so I’ve been told. I’ll keep you updated!). So from this day hence, I am devoting myself to set aside creative time and blogging time (Hi, Nicole! I love you!) and reading time, whatever. Because, in the long run, 2.5 hours out of my TV watching time is really not that much. I mean, sure it’s like 5ish sitcom episodes, but who’s counting.

Please do not publicly shame me if I fail. Not my car; not my fireworks.