A Thing I Read That I Loved

BONES & ALL by Camille DeAngelis


BONES & ALL is a book about a teenage runaway who is also a cannibal and she meets other cannibals and she falls in love! I don’t want to spoil anything, but reader? I cried.
What I like about this book is that it’s not a horror story. It’s a super matter-of-fact story about people eating other people and you’re like, yeah, that could totally exist and they could be hanging out next to me and eating at the same restaurant as me except after I eat I’m gonna go home and hang out and maybe read a book, and the cannibals might go eat someone and later, in bed, they’ll be like, “I’m so full, maybe I shouldn’t have eaten both dinner AND a person, next time one or the other.”
I’m not saying Maren is a GOOD person, but it’s not like she goes eating people like, “oh, he looks good, I’ll eat him.” So that’s something to be admired.
Also Maren reads a lot so we have that in common. We could be best friends. We’d share books and I’d hold her hair back while she digested someone’s stomach. Bestie goals!
When I was younger we sang this song in church called “Angels Among Us” and since I finished this book last night I’ve been singing that song with the lyrics: “I believe there are cannibals among us, NOT sent down to us from somewhere up above.” This is because I am terrible person who changes the lyrics to songs about angels to be about cannibals.
I liked this book! A bunch of stars out a lot! I don’t believe in ratings systems!

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