It’s Just Like (Starting Over)

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Enemies who are just watching to see me fail,

This is my website. It has my name in it. I am going to definitely probably try really hard to keep things updated and interesting. The most likely scenario is that I will publish blog posts that have zero things to do with writing and are just mundane and stupid observations about my life in general, such as the blog post I dreamed up last year in which I ranked baked goods (spoiler – Funfetti cake takes it all).

But also some writing stuff, sometimes, because that is the basis of this website and my life.

The picture above is Shakespeare’s house from when I visited it. Here is a picture of the guide telling us we were not allowed to take pictures:


You will notice that he is looking directly at me as I totally ignore him. I thought Shakespeare’s house was appropriate given the first book I submitted places (The Fall of the Sparrow, which you can read a very tiny paragraph about on the “about my books” page if I, in fact, did things correctly) is a Hamlet retelling. Hamlet is my favorite because it is about people going crazy and I love that.


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