A Thing I Read That I Loved

BONES & ALL by Camille DeAngelis


BONES & ALL is a book about a teenage runaway who is also a cannibal and she meets other cannibals and she falls in love! I don’t want to spoil anything, but reader? I cried.
What I like about this book is that it’s not a horror story. It’s a super matter-of-fact story about people eating other people and you’re like, yeah, that could totally exist and they could be hanging out next to me and eating at the same restaurant as me except after I eat I’m gonna go home and hang out and maybe read a book, and the cannibals might go eat someone and later, in bed, they’ll be like, “I’m so full, maybe I shouldn’t have eaten both dinner AND a person, next time one or the other.”
I’m not saying Maren is a GOOD person, but it’s not like she goes eating people like, “oh, he looks good, I’ll eat him.” So that’s something to be admired.
Also Maren reads a lot so we have that in common. We could be best friends. We’d share books and I’d hold her hair back while she digested someone’s stomach. Bestie goals!
When I was younger we sang this song in church called “Angels Among Us” and since I finished this book last night I’ve been singing that song with the lyrics: “I believe there are cannibals among us, NOT sent down to us from somewhere up above.” This is because I am terrible person who changes the lyrics to songs about angels to be about cannibals.
I liked this book! A bunch of stars out a lot! I don’t believe in ratings systems!

Top Ten (Three) Tuesday

I decided to participate in Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish. I decided this and then realized ten things of any category is REALLY hard. I think I just don’t like that many things in general. I like, maybe, three things in life, tops. Maybe four. Depends on the day. So this may become “inspired by Top Ten Tuesday, Megan lists three things she likes.” Which is basically what I’m always doing.

ANYWAY! On to this week’s topic:

Top 10 Books From My Childhood (Or teen years) That I Would Love To Revisit

I know how terrible this sounds, but I really don’t remember much of what I read as a child/teen. Especially as a child. I never read traditional children’s books. I didn’t know Eloise or Paddington or anything by Roald Dahl until I got to late high school or maybe even college. So…I’m going to skip ahead to the topic for April 7 because to me they are kind of the same thing.

Top Ten Characters You’d Like To Check In With

1. The Berenstain Bears – I’d like to see what Brother and Sister are up to and whether or not they’ve cultivated their own personalities despite the fact that they didn’t have actual names. It seems sad that they were never able to develop as independent people because they were only ever known in relation to one another. Brother and Sister. Like, who ARE you outside of being that? I want to know. I suspect drugs are involved now.

2. The Babysitter’s Club – What did they go on to do with their lives post-high school? Do we think they peaked in high school? Say you have an incredibly successful business as a teenager.  Where do you go from there? Like the football player who relives his infamous touchdown, I imagine these girls relive the glory days of babysitting while drinking a lot of wine and ignoring their own children. They’d have to be sick of children by now, right?

[Please hold while I google children’s books of the 80s/90s to get this list to 3. Three is my favorite number. That’s just a fun, free fact for you.]

3. Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout – OBVIOUSLY a hoarder.

[I forgot about Shel Silverstein. I LOVED Shel Silverstein. This makes sense because basically if you are male, Jewish, and a writer I will be totally and irrevocably in love with you and offer to have your children. Another fun, free fact for you.]

This is going to be the scariest blog on the planet.

Things I’ve (Heard) That I Love

Probably my most regular feature on this blog will be “Things I’ve (read/heard/saw/ate/licked/smelled/whatever) That I Love.” Because my absolute favorite thing is forcing my opinions on other people. Sometimes these posts will be relevant with stuff that was only recently released, 99% of the time they will not be. Because I am always behind on everything. And SOMETIMES you will get an accompanying story. Like tonight.

It’s Lent right now, which you maybe care about and maybe don’t. But as the Easter season is abruptly upon us, my most regular tradition is to break out the Jesus musicals and today it was time for Godspell, which is not only a Jesus musical, but my favorite musical of all of the musicals. (The thing about musicals is that they combine stories with music and stories and music are my favorite things in the world.)

When I was four-years-old, all tiny and adorable in my purple corduroy pants, there was a traveling theater troupe that came to my church and performed this play. I sat in the front row absolutely enthralled. Singing! Dancing! Acting! And after the show my family and I went to McDonald’s and the cast was there and since I was, as I mentioned, ADORABLE, all the girls in the cast who had purchased Happy Meals gave me their Happy Meal toys. Not only was I introduced to the world of musicals, I learned that I deserve gifts for no other reason than being me. (nb – my birthday is next month, which if you NEED a reason to bestow upon me heaps of gifts, you have one.)

My dad, recognizing my obsession, introduced me to the Original Cast Recording, which he had on vinyl (‘m old). He sat me down on the living room floor and the songs were blasted through terrible speakers and it became the greatest moment of my life. It was probably then I decided that I wanted to be a Broadway star. (It would be another ten years before I recognized my lack of talent.) I wanted to listen to this record so often that my parents finally got annoyed and recorded the record onto a cassette that I could take with me and play on my pink boombox. (Relatedly, somewhere in the trash heaps of Pennsylvania are warped cassettes of a pre-elementary-aged Megan Orsini recording herself singing the songs of Godspell.)

I know that it was the time and place of seeing and hearing this show that makes it so important to me. Listening to it now I recognize the inherent 70s-ness of a few of the songs, but good for it for the introduction of the electric guitar into a world mostly concerned with traditional orchestral arrangements! After I ruined the recorded cassette from listening to it so much, my parents bought me the cast recording on cassette and I went through three of those before CD’s were introduced into my life. (This and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack were the songs of my formative years.) I am partial, as most Broadway snobs are, to the original cast recording and that recording only. At one point, after having gone a few years with a copy of the soundtrack I asked for the CD for Christmas and my mother bought me the London Cast Recording and I was like, “What is this sh%t.” This is one of the many reasons I don’t trust my mother with important things such as this.

This is the only version that exists:


If anyone tries to give you a different version, you tell them to GTFO. In the meantime I’ll be over here renewing the vigor of my youth, day by day. We beseech thee, hear us. Let’s have some wine!

PS – If you see the show live, during intermission they put out tables of juice and cookies on the stage for a weird sort of communion. “Let’s have some wine” is actually a line in one of the songs. The song right before intermission. I’ve seen the show multiple times and there has never been wine on the stage, though.

PPS – There is also a movie. Don’t say I never give you anything.

PPPS – Completely unrelated, let me know if you have a site I should follow. And then let me know how I do that. Leave that junk in the comments, which I am supposedly allowing but which I cannot find. Blogging is fun.

It’s Just Like (Starting Over)

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Enemies who are just watching to see me fail,

This is my website. It has my name in it. I am going to definitely probably try really hard to keep things updated and interesting. The most likely scenario is that I will publish blog posts that have zero things to do with writing and are just mundane and stupid observations about my life in general, such as the blog post I dreamed up last year in which I ranked baked goods (spoiler – Funfetti cake takes it all).

But also some writing stuff, sometimes, because that is the basis of this website and my life.

The picture above is Shakespeare’s house from when I visited it. Here is a picture of the guide telling us we were not allowed to take pictures:


You will notice that he is looking directly at me as I totally ignore him. I thought Shakespeare’s house was appropriate given the first book I submitted places (The Fall of the Sparrow, which you can read a very tiny paragraph about on the “about my books” page if I, in fact, did things correctly) is a Hamlet retelling. Hamlet is my favorite because it is about people going crazy and I love that.